Pittsburgh – Vocollect, Inc., announces the availability of its newest headset for voice system workers, the SR-15, which provides significant end-user ergonomic benefits that increase productivity and worker satisfaction.

The SR-15 is ideal for employees performing fast-paced mobile tasks that cannot wear typical over-the-head headset models due to hair style, religious headwear or comfort issues. In addition to its use in the distribution center/warehouse industrial environment, its less obtrusive form makes the new Vocollect headset suitable for environments where voice-enabled workers are visible to, or interacting with, the public.

While all Vocollect headsets are designed to effectively balance user comfort with full-shift industrial durability, comfort is a uniquely individual preference. As the market leader in voice, Vocollect has invested heavily in research and development activity to fully understand the impact of human factors in the development of voice equipment. The new SR-15 is the latest culmination of that ongoing research, featuring a unique earpiece that allows workers to operate comfortably through a full eight-hour shift. Unlike over-the-head models which require a strong clamping force, the SR-15’s innovative design gently positions itself on the ears with very little force. The headset is adjustable for either right or left ear, providing enhanced flexibility.

Offering the same high-quality voice recognition performance and features as other Vocollect SR Series headsets, the SR-15 offers an ideal balance between a rugged industrial headset and lightweight headset. It is designed to operate with Vocollect-manufactured voice devices and handheld mobile computing devices from certain Vocollect-affiliated device manufacturers.

“Our strategic objective is to offer our customers and channel partners continuous improvement in everything we do. The SR-15 is yet another example of how we have listened to our marketplace to create a headset option that provides maximum flexibility, comfort and performance,” said Tom Upshur, vice president of product management and marketing, Vocollect, Inc.

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