Stackable Rotator Boxes

Roura Iron Works is proud to present our family of stackable rotator boxes, designed and built to your dimensional and capacity requirements. These boxes are equipped with nesting bases that allow four way fork entry and reliable pick-up and rotation. Built from either 10ga., 3/16", or 1/4" plate steel (we also make a stainless steel version) to meet your particular load requirements, they are sized with a common base and variable height to easily stack containers of various capacities.

As in all our products, these boxes are hand welded using the "innershield" welding process. This process produces an extremely hot weld resulting in exceptional weld penetration and strength. The boxes can be purchased with various options such as water tightness, lifting brackets, drain holes, and additional reinforcing ribs. They can even be equipped with casters of various sizes and composition. Bottom line - we build them to your requirements.

To talk to one of our design engineers please call either of our manufacturing locations at: Michigan - 800-968-9070 Mississippi - 800-654-9147

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