Stainless Steel Reels

In sensitive or harsh environments, stainless steel reels provide superior protection against contamination and corrosion.

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(Westerlo, N.Y.) - Hannay Reels offers a new four-color catalog featuring complete information and specifications on its most popular stainless steel hose reels. Hannay's stainless steel reels are designed for washdown, chemical transfer, potable water, food ingredient transfer, fuel, and fire protection applications.

In sensitive or harsh environments, Hannay stainless steel reels provide superior protection against contamination and corrosion. With no paint to chip or potential for rust, these durable reels are ideal for the food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, and are widely used in marine and offshore applications.

The catalog includes narrow-frame reels for confined spaces, compact models for pressure washing, and rugged, heavy duty reels for industrial settings. The reels handle 1/4" to 1" hose and are available in manual or spring rewind.

For more than 70 years, Hannay Reels has been helping companies around the world improve the productivity, efficiency, and safety of their operations with hose and cable reels. Hannay's extensive design experience, "mass customization" production process, and quality controls have made the company the leading choice among reel users and OEMs alike.

For additional information, contact: Hannay Reels Inc., 553 State Route 143, Westerlo, NY 12193-0159. Phone: 1.877.467.3357. Fax: 1.800.733.5464. International Phone: 518.797.3791. International Fax: 518.797.3259.
Website: E-mail: [email protected].

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