Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets

Take a look at this stainless steel storage cabinet. This unit measures 60” wide x 24” deep x 78” high. It has an all-welded construction from 12-gauge #304 stainless steel and features a wrap around design, one-piece body. Two doors per cabinet with 1” return flange, 200-degree swing and interlocking left hand door. Unit includes (4) 14-gauge adjustable shelves, each with a shelf capacity of 1650 lbs. There is no assembly required and the cabinet has a three-point locking system. We also include 7-gauge stainless steel legs that are welded on that provide easy moving with a pallet jack or cleaning underneath. This is not only a cabinet that will withstand years of rough and tough use but it is also acid and corrosive resistant.

For all your stainless steel needs contact Strong Hold Products at 800-880-2625 or email inquiries to [email protected]

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