Stainless Steel Tug for Clean Rooms

Stainless Steel Tug for Clean Rooms

NuStar’s stainless steel Power Tug pedestrian-operated, battery-powered tug enables one person to push, pull and maneuver any load on wheels and uses its own modular range of attachments for handling rolling loads up to 5,000 lbs., or those with high rolling resistance.

It is suited for food, pharmaceutical or clean room applications where there are space constraints. Its actuator grabs and locks onto the framework of a load to safely move tanks, carts or dollies that have 4 swivel casters or 2 swivel and 2 fixed casters.

The Power Tug is also available in a more affordable, non-stainless steel version. A mono-drive wheel with stabilizing casters allows the unit to operate on uneven surfaces indoors or out. Power Tugs have an on-board battery charger, safety horn, hand guards, a fully programmable control system, automatic braking and emergency reverse.

NuStar, Inc.

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