Staples Selects IFCO Systems To Manage Pallets

IFCO Systems has been selected by Staples Inc., the world’s largest office products retailer, as its single-source provider for pallet management services. IFCO will be providing high-quality services and products to Staples’ U.S. network of distribution facilities.

“Staples has chosen IFCO for its ability to provide comprehensive pallet services to all of our facilities across the U.S., and as part of our environmental stewardship through conservation and recycling,” stated Bob Valair, director of Energy Management and Facilities for Staples.

IFCO Systems is a large pallet recycling company. Last year, IFCO Systems diverted approximately 60 million pallets from entering the waste stream. Three-quarters of these pallets were repaired and used again, and an estimated 15 million pallets were recycled into landscaping products like mulch.

All pallet activity will be recorded and available to Staples via IFCO’s exclusive PalTrax system. Pallet activity can be viewed at any time via this online tracking system allowing Staples and IFCO to better manage pallet activity.

IFCO Systems is an international logistics service provider with approximately 140 locations worldwide. IFCO Systems operates a pool of more than 65 million RPCs (reusable plastic containers) globally, which are used as a logistic system predominantly for fresh produce by leading grocery retailers.

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