(Carrollton, TX) –The Kelley STAR® 4, one of the most popular powered vehicle restraints in the industry, is now even better. While the outward appearance of the new STAR 4 is nearly identical to the original model, the activation system and control panel configuration are noticeably superior. The new STAR 4 offers a higher level of automation and convenience utilizing a restraining arm that is raised and lowered automatically by a linear actuator drive system with the touch of a button by a linear actuator drive system. The programmable logic controller (PLC) offers more program intelligence and flexibility to meet the unique, evolving needs of a facility.

The Kelley STAR 4 vehicle restraint is designed to engage the rear impact guard of a vehicle and hold the vehicle at the loading dock during the loading and unloading process, effectively reducing the risk of premature trailer departure and trailer landing gear collapse, while also eliminating trailer creep and trailer walk. The STAR 4 has a restraining force of over 30,000 pounds and can hook and hold virtually any style of rear impact guard (RIG). A patented sensor bar communicates positive hook engagement with the RIG by means of the standard LED interior and exterior communication lights.

The new compact STAR 4 control panel, at just 14” x 16”, utilizes state-of-the-art circuit board technology which reduces the volume of space consumed inside the panel by dozens of wire bundles providing ample space to combine the controls of one or two additional pieces of loading dock equipment, such as a dockleveler and powered dock door, into a single control panel saving additional money by eliminating multiple electrical conduit runs for individual controls.

For more information about the Kelley STAR 4 and a free brochure, go to or contact Kelley at [email protected] or 1-800-558-6960.

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