K EYTROL L E R , L LC. introduces a new product START- SMART keyless ignition. NO keys---NO unauthorized--- NO untrained operators!

START- SMART replaces the ignition key with a virtually indestructible metal piezo keypad. Operation is simple, just input your code and the device illuminates green if accepted --press START button to start engine and press STOP to stop.

The START- SMART system is also available in an anti-theft version which includes a wireless relay hidden in the ignition, starter or fuel pump circuit. When a driver enters his code, it enables the wireless relay; he then presses START to start the engine. Without first enabling the hidden wireless relay, a thief can NOT “hot wire” the vehicle from the ignition key, he will give up and move on to easier prey.

The metal piezo keypad is totally sealed and designed for extremely tough outdoor weather conditions (-40F to 185F). It is vandal proof, water proof and tamper proof and tested to military standards for: salt, dust, water, shock, temperature, humidity, and vibration. Unlike plastic membrane keypads, this metal keypad no moving parts for unmatched reliability. The electronics actually “feel” the press through the metal so gloves can also be worn.

The economical START- SMART system joins the company’s popular keypad and LCD vehicle monitoring ignition systems. Designed for simplicity and ease of installation, it can be easily retrofitted to any internal combustion or electric vehicle. Ignition sequence can be set for diesels which prevents use of START button until “glow plugs” have warmed.

START- SMART is priced at $425 and available from the better equipment dealers nationwide and Canada.

For more information view website: or contact KEYTROLLER, LLC. 813-877-4500 or email: [email protected]

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