Steel King Storage Container

Steel King Storage Container

The <a href="" target="_blank">WorkingTainer</a> container makes work areas double as ergonomically efficient storage and dispensing units, according to Steel King. The industrial container&#8217;s wide, adjustable work tray eliminates the need to reach over the container&#8217;s top for materials.

According to the company, the WorkingTainer can last decades under heavy use. It is stackable up to six high while fully loaded and can fit within tight production spaces. Load capacity, base size, side height, side material, decking material and wheels can be specified.

Optional internal dividers allow the container to compartmentalize multiple materials, and an optional “Tilt & Store” stand is available to enhance part dispensing and product flow. The storage unit has a 4,000-pound capacity and four standard sizes. It offers a 24-inch usable depth and 30.5-inch overall height, but can be customized.

Steel King

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