Stop the Presses!

Recent medical reports indicate that Mondays are the most stress-filled day of the work week. (Someone paid for that study?) Just in time to relieve that stress, at least this week, is Annual National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, Jan. 28. This is the eighth year for Sealed Air Co. to provide some relief by asking people all over the planet to pop a few bubbles and feel their troubles evaporate into thin air.

Whether you need relief from stress or just want to annoy fellow workers, today is the day to pop one small bubble for yourself, and one great bubble for person-kind.

And, to look smarter around the office than you actually are, here are some fun facts:

Bubble Wrap was invented by Sealed Air founders Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding in 1960, originally to be textured wallpaper;

Each year, enough Bubble Wrap is made to stretch from Earth to the Moon and back;

Bubble Wrap was on the cover of Playboy in July 1997, cushioning actress Farrah Fawcett;

If you Google Bubble Wrap, you'll get more than a million hits;

Bubble Wrap is manufactured all over the world in Sealed Air's operations in 51 countries.

So, rather than popping a co-worker or unappreciative client, pop some bubbles on that piece of Bubble Wrap you've been hiding in the bottom of you desk drawer. This is the big day. Tomorrow, you're on your own.

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