Storage Carousel

Alabama Laser Technologies’ gas bottle storage carousel securely stores up to five high-pressure gas bottles, eliminating the risk of bottles tipping over. After a bottle is loaded into the unit it can be easily rotated counterclockwise on the carousel to allow the addition of more bottles. The carousel assists in better control of gas bottle inventory management, helping to prevent overstocking or running out of bottles. A ratchet mechanism allows for counterclockwise rotation only, ensuring first-in-first-out inventory. The front-loading ramp allows ease of bottle placement by one individual. Designed with safety in mind, the carousel is painted in bright “safety yellow” for ease of visibility.

Alabama Laser Technologies
55 Laser Blvd
Munford, AL 36368
Phone: (256) 358-9055
Fax: (256) 358-4515
E-mail: [email protected]

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