Storage Engine Adjusts to Load

Storage Engine Adjusts to Load

Dematic’s Multishuttle Flex storage/staging engine provides precise load sequencing at high rates, accommodates multiple load sizes and accepts totes, trays and cartons for storage insertion and extraction. It automatically adjusts “on the fly” as it travels to a storage location so that the extractor device is set to accept the load. The load width range is 8-24 inches (200-600 mm) and the load length range is 6-34 inches (150-850 mm). It is also capable of providing single or double deep loading in the rack structure.

The Multishuttle system is suited for supplying items to piece pick fulfillment modules (goods to person picking) or mixed case pallet building operations. It is also used in applications for short-term buffer storage as well as applications involving storage for production operations.


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