Storopack Partners with GRSI and Invata for More Efficient Packaging

Storopack has entered into a strategic alliance with Canton, MA-based Invata Intralogistics and GRSI, providers of supply chain optimization and distribution center automation. The new alliance extends Storopack’s portfolio of services and allows it to offer more sophisticated solutions to customers with manual, semi- and fully automated protective packaging applications. This partnership addresses recent industry trends to reduce the overall cost of transportation and packaging while improving process quality and throughput. It is based on the belief that the proper type and amount of protective packaging inside a carton (“in-the-box) lowers the usage and cost of protective packaging materials to optimal levels.

“The future of flexible protective packaging lies in differentiated levels of automation for filling the optimized void” said Daniel Wachter, vice-president of market development of Storopack North America, and head of strategic marketing at Storopack’s Packaging Division. “Invata Intralogistics and GRSI add an “around-the-box” dimension to our approach and services. This strategic alliance and joint approach results in an integrated, holistic, value-added-proposition.

If the carton used is only as large as is necessary to effectively protect the shipping items “in-the-box,” this not only saves costs for the forwarder, but aids the recipient as well, according to Wachter. “It is an added value for the un-boxing experience of our customers,’’ he adds, “because a better fitting box size, together with the right protective packaging, generally reduces the time an effort involved in disposing of the packaging materials. It also underscores our customers’ commitment to ‘green’ logistics.”

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