Strong Box

Franksville, WI - Attractive. Easy-to-assemble, easy-to-install. Great protection.

Quick Cable¹s new line of Strong Box aluminum battery boxes are providing users with a multiple of benefits in the racing/motor sports, marine and RV markets. As one user proclaimed, ³Battery protection is really important, and it¹s sure nice to have a product that looks good at the same time.² The Strong Box aluminum battery boxes are part of Quick Cable¹s full compliment High Performance line of products that include hold-downs, cables, connectors, battery relocation kits, crimpers, terminal protectors, isolators, and much more.

³This aluminum battery box protects better than any product of its kind on the market,² offered Ken Bons, an electrical engineer and VP of sales and marketing for Quick Cable. ³It has been engineered to meet standard requirements of various racing organizations, and those of the Coast Guard and the yachting market.²

The Strong Box aluminum battery boxes come in two versions: sealed and non-sealed. The sealed version is vented with an external vent tube to avoid any hydrogen buildup that could cause an explosion. The sealed boxes come in polished, brushed, black or white. The non-sealed boxes, for applications that do not require an external vented battery, come in polished, black or white.

Hardware to secure the battery inside the box is included with all Strong Box aluminum battery boxes. Each unit comes with thumb screws to secure the lid, and unlike other battery boxes, these aluminum battery boxes come with pre-drilled holes. The non-sealed battery boxes can be used with a group 24-27 battery; Optima batteries will fit in Group 27-31 in the sealed versions.

To receive a copy of Quick Cable¹s High Performance catalog, which is targeted for hot rod/custom, racing, specialty, marine and RV markets, call 800/558-8667 or contact the company via their website at

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