Stronger Coffee Security Brewing

To support the coffee industry’s participation in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), the National Coffee Association will work with member companies and their foreign suppliers to educate them on and ease them into the C-TPAT membership process.

“NCA is taking the lead to help the US industry partner with government to protect our food supply,” said Robert F. Nelson, president and CEO of the NCA. Associations like NCA are uniquely positioned to spearhead activities that enable the industry to work together non-competitively toward enhancing national security, he continued.

The coffee association unveiled an Internet-based portal developed in partnership with Intertek. The Website will provide a central repository of information on C-TPAT, deliver online educational resources, maintain a registry of foreign suppliers and their security practices relative to C-TPAT, and it will provide subscribing importers with easy access to security information of participating suppliers that is required for C-TPAT application and membership maintenance.

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