Student Intern Program

CLM's Student Intern Program puts employers in touch with students, potential logisticians at your fingertips, who are exploring careers in logistics management. In this win-win program, you have the chance to help mold a future logistician and gain productive summer employees. You have an opportunity to screen potential full-time employees in a realistic setting while students gain experience in their chosen field. Logistics and supply chain students have an edge on the learning curve of logistics activities. In these lean times, hiring an intern can "seed" some great talent into your company. These students are the future of your company.

Following is a list of companies who have offered opportunities in previous years:

Borden Chemical, Inc. CSX Corporation

DuPont Company Estee Lauder Companies

LDR Industries McKesson Corporation

Maytag ReturnBuy, Inc

Roadway Express, Inc Sara Lee Household & Body Care

Williams - Sonoma, Inc.

This is your chance to reach over 1,400 educators and career placement offices in colleges and universities worldwide that offer courses in transportation, distribution, logistics, materials management, warehousing, packaging, and related courses. Our program welcomes all companies who have intern opportunities in logistics-related areas.

This service is available from February to August 2004.

If you would like to receive a form or learn more about the program please contact:

Student Intern Coordinator

Council of Logistics Management

2805 Butterfield Road, Suite 200

Oak Brook, IL 60523-1170

Phone 630.645.3479 Fax 630.574.0658 E-mail: [email protected]

Deadline is January 16, 2004. Contact Patricia O’Rourke-McGinnis (630) 645-3479 for additional information.

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