Successful Go Live with Dynamic Picking

Witron Integrated Logistics announced the successful completion of the dynamic picking system (DPS) for piece-pick operations in the Kroger Co.'s Southeastern distribution center. The new highly automated module began servicing stores as of August 8.

August 8, 2004, represented the conclusion of Phase 1 and the beginning of Phase 2; as the facility is in the process of converting its entire piece-pick operation to Witron's dynamic picking system.

The DPS, utilizing mini-load AS/RS technology, enables a "goods to person" picking environment, which integrates storage and picking in one module. Phase 1 is comprised of an integrated conveyor network, 16 stacker cranes, 70 picking workstations, two order consolidation buffers and 175,000 tote locations. Some of the benefits include significant reduction in footprint and direct labor requirements, up to 75 percent reduction in pick path and more store-friendly shipping. As main contractor, Witron is responsible for the design and the realization of the logistics system including the delivery of all software, controls and mechanics.

The state-of-the-art facility delivers improved performance and quality improvements to Kroger stores and customers.

Witron is located in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Its core competency is the design and implementation of innovative logistics systems. Significant cost reductions from labor and footprint savings, combined with further competitive advantages, have become the key customer advantages of its picking systems.

Witron, with headquarters in Parkstein, Germany, has subsidiaries in the United States, the Netherlands and the UK.

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