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Sugar Processor to Use RFID-Enabled Plastic Pallets

SUGAR LAND, Texas—Imperial Sugar says it will be the first sugar company to use RFID-enabled plastic pallets.

The company has signed an agreement with Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS), allowing it to use durable, traceable and recyclable pallets with embedded RFID tags. The tags carry data on where each pallet has been and which specific product has been transported on each pallet.
In addition, the plastic, 48 x 40 pallets will improve product integrity and reduce susceptibility to damage and cross-contamination, according to Imperial Sugar.

The processor and marketer of refined sugar will have exclusive rights to the pallet technology for one year. Food manufacturers, retail grocers and food-service distributors can receive product on the new pallets and use the tracking technology in their own supply chains. Or, they can choose to continue using existing systems, the company said.

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