Supplements manufacturer meets demands of increasing volume.

This case history about EAS comes courtesy of Flostor. It has been selected and edited by the MHM editorial staff for clarity, content and style.

This Colorado-based nutritional supplements company knew that they wanted an order-flow system that could keep up with current order volume while having plenty of expansion room for future demand. They wanted a system that was reliable and ergonomically friendly. They also wanted an operation that responded to customer needs in a fast and accurate manner.

EAS achieved all of these goals with the opening in May 1999 of a new modern distribution center in Golden. The 141,000 square-foot facility seamlessly integrates a variety of conveyor and material handling equipment. It employs the latest scanning equipment and computer controls to ensure shipment accuracy and productivity. It also allows workers to focus on their jobs without having to worry about the risk of injury from heavy lifting or excessive manual handling.

In operation for just over four years now, the new installation has delivered multiple benefits. "We've experienced higher shipping volume, better order accuracy, and a noticeable reduction in wrong orders shipped", reports Shelly Phillips Metz, Vice President of Logistics and Distribution. "Any order that is received by 2:00 p.m. is shipped out that day accurate and complete." welcomes relevant, exclusive case histories that explain in specific detail the business benefits that new software and material-handling equipment has provided to specific users. Send submissions to Clyde Witt([email protected]), MHM Editor-in-Cheif. All submissions will be edited for clarity, content and style.

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