Supply Chain Capability for Small and Midsize Operations

7Hills, a provider of supply chain (SC) solutions, announced the availability of its eBizNET supply chain suite, eBizNET-SC, targeted for small to mid-sized distribution operations. eBizNET-SC incorporates the breadth of functionality of a best-of-breed solution yet packaged with the smaller distribution operation in mind. With rules-based configurability and rapid implementation, eBizNET-SC is a perfect match for operations that demand broad scale functionality but the framework for a quicker and easier implementation exercise.

The eBizNET-SC suite can run autonomous or as an integral component in a global supply chain network.

Inherent in the eBizNET-SC architecture is a multi-client, multi-site framework that makes it easier to manage multiple client inventories under one roof in addition to inventory across a customer’s entire group of distribution facilities.

The cornerstone of eBizNET-SC is the warehouse management system (WMS), eBizNET-WMS, which extends beyond the traditional WMS boundaries offering inventory management from procurement at the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) through post shipment when products are delivered to the customer’s door. The visibility feature, eBizNET-Dashboard, provides a customizable bird’s-eye view" of the key performance metrics relevant within a supply chain network. Examples include the ability to monitor service level compliance by vendor, outstanding returns, fill rate, usage, or aged and excess inventory with a wide range of additional metrics aggregated for easy viewing and interpretation. eBizNET-Dashboard also incorporates an alert and exception management engine notifying decision makers immediately on wired or wireless communication devices of their choice.

eBizNET-SC runs on Microsoft .NET technology with a low cost, centralized deployment model. Its unique combination with the Oracle 9i database delivers a high degree of scalability to match operational peaks and distribution growth.

The modules within the eBizNET-SC suite can operate standalone or as a highly integrated suite leveraging critical distribution center operations requirements. eBizNET-SC is available from 7Hills or through reseller channels.

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