Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization

ORion-PI by Axxom Software AG helps Avery Dennison, supplier of self-adhesive materials, identify and regularly review the optimal number and location of its logistics centers. By analyzing different production and logistics scenarios Avery can increase its supply chain’s transparency, improve service levels and reduce overall logistics costs.

Avery manufactures thousands of different products at eight production sites in Europe—mainly large paper film rolls of self-adhesive label stock. These rolls are then cut to size according to incoming orders in 17 distribution centers and subsequently delivered to thousands of customers. ORion-PI enables the company to map this two-stage production system and include all relevant factors and constraints in the analysis and optimization of the supply chain. This includes sites, capacities, transport routes and methods, supply relationships and material flows.

In addition, the software considers both the service requirements and the relevant costs, like freight rates as well as storage, handling and cutting costs.

Axxom Software AG

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