Sustainability Initiative Involves Industry, Academia and Government

With global energy consumption set to rise by 40 percent by 2030, a collaborative initiative has been announced involving experts from the private, nonprofit, public, and academic sectors. BSR, a consulting and research firm dedicated to environmental sustainability, has established Future of Fuels, a program that will give companies information about the sustainability impacts of their transportation fuel choices.

Seven companies and organizations—Coca-Cola, Nike, Shell, Suncor, UPS, the U.S. Department of Defense, and Walmart—have joined BSR to promote greater dialogue and understanding about fuel choices. Experts from universities, government agencies, and nongovernmental organizations are helping shape the research.

Through this initiative, BSR will publish original research and hold discussions with a wide variety of stakeholders to:

1. Frame the issues: This research brief will draw on existing studies and interviews with third-party experts to explore the state of knowledge about the sustainability impacts of transportation fuels.

2. Outline the options: This research brief will look at how companies can use the information and frameworks described in the first brief to develop better fuel choices.

3. Highlight opportunities for collaboration: BSR’s final research brief will help companies understand how they can work with business partners—from energy and fuel producers to providers and users of transportation and logistics services—to implement more sustainable solutions.

“We won’t solve climate change by pursuing one single solution,” said Eric Olson, BSR’s senior vice pPresident. “BSR’s goal is to guide business in minimizing the detrimental social and environmental impacts of their energy decisions today, and help them collaborate with government and civil society to ensure a low-carbon future.”

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