IRVINE, Calif.– Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A, Inc. – the sole distributor of Aichi scissor lifts, and wheeled and crawler boom lifts in the U.S. – announced its expanded product line including four new models of the SV-Series scissor lifts and two models of the SR-Series crawler boom lifts.

“In evaluating the needs of our customers, we enhanced the product portfolio to offer additional products in the popular model sizes,” said Brett Wood, president of Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A. “In addition to providing a quality product, our customers have the confidence of knowing that the product line comes backed by an industry-leading warranty and our reputable network of Toyota Aichi dealers.”

Toyota Aichi dealers offer four new models of the SV-Series scissor lifts: 15- and 19-foot high models with 30-inch platforms width and 26- and 32-foot high models with 46-inch platform widths. These models are in addition to the two existing models available in 20- and 26-foot heights with 32-inch wide platforms.

The entire product line boasts the industry exclusive AC motor drive system featuring brushless technology to provide leading performance with minimum service requirements. The drive system features no directional contactors to maintain and a unique inverter designed to provide longer duty cycles and faster traveling speeds (up to one and a half times better).

Because there are fewer moving parts maintenance is simpler and access is made easier for inspections by mounting major assemblies on swing out panels. Batteries are housed in an easy slide-out compartment for full access. Maintenance costs also are minimized based on the commonality of parts shared throughout the units.

The SV-Series also features a new optional proportional steering system featuring steering wheel control and return to center functions. This allows for steering that is much more intuitive. The steering system on all models has a

90-degree steering angle to allow easy maneuvering in tight workspaces. To make access through low clearance doorways easier, the fold down handrails* result in one of the lowest stowed heights in the industry. And for increased productivity, Aichi scissor lifts offer one of the longest platform extensions in its class with three feet, three inches of additional workspace.

For more information on Aichi products, please visit or call 1-800-852-0024.

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