Switchgear Lubricant

Switchgear Lubricant

CRC’s HV Switchgear Lubricant is a one-step lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for metering distribution and substation class switchgear contacts. The non-flammable formula penetrates to coat contacts and provides corrosion protection on switchgear mechanisms. The PowerJet spray nozzle allows application from greater distance overhead with a hot line tool adapter.

The Lubricant is temperature resistant so it maintains performance year round. It will not harden, freeze, dry or melt due to temperature fluctuations. It is safe to use on most rubbers and plastics so it will not degrade seals, gaskets or plastic insulators. It will not affect lineman’s gloves, hot line or hand-held tools.

HV Switchgear Lubricant prevents corrosion and protects against atmospheric contaminant build-up that can cause sticking blades or contacts.

CRC Industries

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