Symbol Technologies and Intermec Resolve Lawsuits

Intermec, Inc. (Everett, Wash.) and Symbol Technologies, Inc. (Holtsville, N.Y.), both leaders in automated identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies, reached an agreement that settles all outstanding intellectual property disputes between the two companies. Under the settlement agreement, Intermec and Symbol have cross-licensed certain patents, have entered into four-year covenants not to sue with respect to remaining patents, and have released patent infringement damage claims. The specific terms of the settlement agreement were not disclosed.

In March 2005, Symbol filed lawsuits alleging that Intermec was infringing certain bar code scanning and wireless patents. Intermec responded by filing counterclaims and a complaint in the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) alleging that Symbol was infringing certain Intermec bar code scanning patents.

In September 2005, Intermec and Symbol resolved the RFID portion of their dispute. At that time, Symbol joined Intermec’s Rapid Start RFID intellectual property licensing program. That cross-licensing agreement gave Symbol access to Intermec’s RFID intellectual property and gave Intermec access to Symbol’s RFID intellectual property.

Source: Intermec and Symbol Technologies.

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