London – Linde Material Handling UK has launched its new range of electric pedestrian pallet trucks, with increased manoeuvrability and improved ergonomic features.

The T16, 18 and 20 (representing load capacities of 1.6,1.8 and 2.0 tonnes respectively) have exceptional manoeuvrability in tight spaces through reduced length, a new tiller shape and an innovative creep speed function.

The creep speed feature allows the pallet trucks to be used in confined areas with the tiller in the upright position. “Usually when the tiller is in the upright position the brake is applied, so th is new feature greatly improves flexibility and ease of operation and safety,” explains Phil Pearson, Head of Marketing. “Customers who have tested the new trucks tell us it is especially useful when loading and unloading road vehicles.”

The Linde pallet trucks also have larger castor wheels, which are mounted on shock absorbers to maintain truck stability when cornering. The three wheel configuration with two adjustable castor wheels improves traction in slippery conditions.

These new Linde designs are based around the concept of “Sinergo” (Safety, Innovation, Ergonomics) which places the emphas is on the interface between the operator and the machine. This eases the workload for the operator and increases the safety and productivity of employees in the warehouse.

The innovative materials, Exxtral and Grivory, help achieve the Sinergo aims. Grivory is used for tiller and tiller head. It is light and warm – making it more user friendly, but without compromising robustness. Exxtral, for the motor and battery cover, is tough but flexible, res isting shocks and reduces damage costs.

“We are confident that the new T series trucks will be very attractive to both customers and operators,” says Phil Pearson. “These pedestrian pallet trucks are already receiving high marks because of their superb hand protection and easy operation. They’ve been thoughtfully designed so that all functions are within easy reach and the handle is convenient and comfortable to use, even when wearing gloves.”

The new pallet trucks are available from Linde’s national network of dealers.


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