Talking Battery Charger

Interacter Inc, a leading US manufacturer of Industrial Battery Chargers, based in Meriden CT, announces the new Talking Battery Charger module.

The majority of warranty failures of batteries are due to incorrect charging. Warranty claims and repair calls are preventable if the operator can be reminded to charge the battery promptly after use. But the operator may not read the instructions. The Talking Battery Module provides speech prompts to remind the user to recharge the battery when needed. It announces battery status so the user knows if the battery is charged, and when the battery is low.

The module is self-contained and simple to install – just two wires to the Battery.
It can be mounted in the Battery Pack, in the Charger or Control Panel. It can be supplied pre-fitted into a Battery Charger, or as a stand-alone module. Applications include materials handling equipment, emergency lighting, backup power supplies, medical devices, marine equipment and anywhere battery power is used, and is subject to lack of attention to charging. Internal jumper links configure the module to work with batteries of 12V, 24V or 36V system voltage. A complete starter kit is available now, priced at only $49.

The module includes a signal output connector which can drive an external relay or signal to indicate battery discharged, automatically disconnect the load, or to drive red/green panel indicator lamps to indicate battery status.

Various voice options are available to replace the standard English pronunciation (wav files are stored in a plug in eeprom). Custom wav files can be loaded into the module for OEM customers to announce YOUR company name every time the power is turned on!

INTERACTER Inc is a Connecticut based manufacturer of US made high technology cost-effective battery charging products, which are used widely in the health care, industrial and commercial markets where battery performance is critical. Our products are designed and built entirely at our Meriden Connecticut facility.

Contact info:
Phone (203) 630 0199 (General offices)

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