Tamper-Evident Tape

Angola, Indiana based TydenBrammall now ships its product in cartons sealed with tamper-evident tape. When customers receive their shipment, they will be able to tell if the box has been tampered with due to the specially-designed sealing tape now applied to all cartons shipped from the TydenBrammall factory.

TydenBrammall manufactures cargo transportation seals for transportation shippers and Third Party Logistics providers that ship by truck, rail and ocean. TydenBrammall individually serializes each cargo seal manufactured to facilitate serial number tracking by its clients. With heightened security issues facing the transportation industry, protection of the product until it reaches the customer is critical to maintaining the integrity of the serial number and tracking system. TydenBrammall has proactively developed a new tamper-indicative tape that is 3.0 mil thick, twice the thickness of standard clear packaging tape typically used to seal most cartons.

A criss-cross pattern in blue on the white tape helps deter tampering as any tear or attempt to compromise the tape is immediately evident. Block letter notations stating: “If Seal Has Been Broken, Check Contents”, and the TydenBrammall logo clearly displayed on the tape add to the safety level. In addition, TydenBrammall has changed to a stronger carton made of “C” flute 44 ECT (Edge Crush Test) corrugated. This makes a much stronger carton with higher impact and burst strength to help assure the product is received in good condition. Heavier bolt products are shipped in cartons made from double-wall “B-C” flute corrugated, while plastic product boxes will continue to be shipped in 32 ECT corrugated.

TydenBrammall, a leading global supplier of indicative and barrier type cargo security seals, is headquartered in Angola, Ind. As cargo security experts, TydenBrammall manufactures a broad range of bolt, cable, metal strap and plastic type cargo security seals for the truck, rail, food and chemical markets. For more information, contact TydenBrammall, 409 Hoosier Drive, Angola, IN 46703, phone: 260.665.3176, fax: 260.665.8309, e-mail: [email protected], or visit CARGO GUYâ at Web site: www.tydenbrammall.com.

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