Belle Plaine MN – The best way to improve working conditions, in most situations, is to incorporate an environment that encourages healthy movement. The TaskMate by HealthPostures has been improved so that more people are able to benefit from the free movement that a sit-to-stand work environment can offer.

Being able to make even minor adjustment through-out the work day can make a big difference in a person’s comfort level that ultimately leads to better job performance. The TaskMate not only can make small adjustments, but will elevate an entire work surface from a sitting to a standing level. The TaskMate is small enough in stature so that it can be incorporated into most existing areas with little alteration in order to transform the work space from static to dynamic.

Recently, HealthPostures has added a number of options to the TaskMate for increased workplace applications. Now the TaskMate has the capability to turn a static situation into height adjustable comfort in the office, health care facility, or light industrial shop all with the touch of a button. The electronic actuator of the TaskMate moves to just the right level for individuals that wish to stand part of the day at their desk and is also ideal to those who work in a multi-user area where more than one person shares a computer.

More people are using single or multiple flat screen monitors in their work setting, especially in the health care industry where digital records are replacing the traditional paper trail. Now the TaskMate has optional monitor arms for optimal ergonomic adjustments. Add a durable table top work surface to the TaskMate for an adjustable work surface in the shop or assembly area. A variety of new keyboard trays and mechanisms allow the end-user to customize their TaskMate to fit right into their own work situation.

The definition of a healthy sit to stand work environment while using the TaskMate simply means that a person can sit in their existing chair for part of the day and have the freedom to adjust their work surface in order to stand for part of their day. This movement will help to increase blood flow and relieve stress from the back and shoulders. The new TaskMate with the new options will introduce this healthy work environment to many more people.

To learn more on creating a healthy sit to stand workplace please visit www.healthpostures.com or call: 800.277.1841

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