These trucks are specially engineered for demanding high-cycle applications. 100% clean sheet designs, the all-new 3,000 to 6,000 pound TCM PRO cushion tire lift trucks increase your operation’s productivity and profitability! More than 58 years of TCM innovations and continuous improvement have been built into TCM PRO, making them the most reliable and powerful TCM lift trucks ever. Optimized to deliver outstanding performance every day, they also feature improved safety, operating precision, and simplified maintenance as top priorities. Their state-of-the-art features include:

Powerful, economical engines run cleaner and stronger: The upgraded LPG and gasoline engines meet Tier 3 specification, yet have outstanding power and economy. They run cooler with low core restriction radiators and improved airflow through the engine compartment. TCM engines produce more torque at lower rpms to give faster lifting and quicker acceleration.

All-new TCM transmissions deliver quiet reliability: TCM builds these transmissions with cast iron cases and larger, more robust shafts, bearings, and gears. In addition, they have larger torque converters and clutch packs to handle severe duty applications. They also feature a totally redesigned oil suction circuit for quiet operation.

All-new TCM masts deliver smooth lifting: Revised and strengthened mast cross members resist twisting motions during operation to give superior control and stability. A relocated main cross member improves fork tip visibility for safety. The lift and tilt valve bodies have been combined, and the hydraulic circuitry has been simplified to reduce the potential for leaks and improve TCM’s legendary reliability even more. As a bonus, the operating temperature of the hydraulic oil has been reduced by 50 degrees F.

Improve your Operators’ productivity: TCM knows that a comfortable, alert operator is a productive operator. The wide-open floor space has been increased by 10%, and is the largest floor space ever designed into a TCM cushion lift truck! The steps are also wider – 20% wider – for easier entry and exit. The instrument cluster monitors all truck functions, and incorporates LCD technology that is easy to read even in bright daylight. The small spinner steering wheel with standard anti-kickback and smooth, precise mast controls make load handling easy and quick. The dash and mast cross member have been lowered to improve forward visibility.

Improve your Operators’ safety: A complete safety system of interlocks is standard on these trucks, including neutral safety switch, weight sensing seat interlock, tilt cylinder lock, and an optional mast lift lock. The three piece overhead guard is designed for protection and economical collision repair. The high-mount brake and backup lights are integrated into the OHG for protection and are vibration resistant for long life.

Simple yet rugged chassis: The steer axle structure has been strengthened and its bushings have been improved for longer service. A special damper cushions and stabilizes the axle for stable operation over uneven surfaces, yet requires no periodic maintenance. The TCM-built drive axle is a proven, heavy-duty design giving outstanding reliability.

Designed for quick, low cost maintenance: Wide opening engine covers and tool-free removable floorboards give complete access to the mechanical systems. Filters and drains are easy to reach. TCM brakes are the largest in the industry, and will not overheat even in high cycle operations. On board diagnostics are included for easy troubleshooting. Electrical components, including all relays and the ECM connector are located together in the front of the engine compartment for quick access.

Load Capacities – 3,000 to 6,000 lbs.
Free Lift – 4.1 in. to 4.5 in. varies by model.
Standard Horsepower – 51.9 @ 2700 rpm Nissan K21.
High Horsepower – 61.7 @ 2800 rpm Nissan K25.
Right Angle Stack – 89 in. to 103.1 in. varies by model.
Outside Turning Radius – 72.4 in. to 84.3 in. varies by model.


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