(Michigan City, IN) ā€“ Even veteran drivers who can handle their rigs in their sleep have trouble doing it. Every time a truck backs up, the dock and the truck itself is at risk of damage if the distance to make contact is misestimated. To save these costs, M.S. Foster & Associates, Inc. introduces the TEACO Truck Dock Park Assistant (Model DOCK-16) to take the guesswork out of backing up to the dock.

The TEACO DOCK-16 indicator provides a read-out of the distance in feet to the dock or other parking spots. The five-inch high, bright, LED numbers are easily visible at night, in fog or other low light conditions; saving docks and fleets thousands of dollars in repair costs and downtime.

The indicator is equipped with either one or two ultrasonic sensors that mount below the lift gate on loading docks or at other locations to sense the rear of the truck as it approaches. The sensors can pick up the truck within 16 feet.
Docks having the TEACO DOCK-16 make it easy on the driver, eliminating the need to strain the neck and back by turning the head as the truck nears the dock. The progress of the truck can be easily followed through the rear-view mirror. The site can set up the indicator to read in reverse, or if desired the number panel can be turned around and be right-reading.

Of course in many locations the truck does not pull up right to the wall or the dock, and instead makes contact with dock bumpers or other objects. To allow for those protrusions the TEACO TRUCK-16 indicator has an up to three foot offset adjustment. If, for example, a dock wall has a bumper extending six inches out into the driveway the read-out goes to zero when the truck is detected six inches from the wall.

Installation is easy, and the TEACO DOCK-16 indicator can be powered directly by building electrical power or interfaces with all brands of dock control boxes through a coaxial cable. The 7 1/8ā€ square box is 2 3/8ā€ deep and has a water-resistant NEMA-4 rated enclosure. M.S. Foster covers the indicator with a one-year warranty.

Since 1997, M.S. Foster &Associates, Inc. has been providing innovative solutions for the supply chain, heavy trucking, automotive, municipal, mass transit and RV markets.

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