Tennant ec-H2O Scrubber

Tennant ec-H2O Scrubber

Tennant Co. announces its ec-H2O technology is now available on the Tennant 7100 Micro-Rider scrubber. The technology converts tap water into a cleaning agent without the use of chemicals.

Throughout 2009, Tennant has extended its ec-H2O technology to the Tennant T7 Micro-Rider, T15 mid-sized scrubber, 7300 mid-sized battery-powered scrubber and 8300 battery-powered scrubber-sweeper and Nobles Speed Scrub rider. As a result, the ec-H2O technology is now available for light and heavy industrial applications in manufacturing, warehousing, aviation and food and beverage.

The technology uses 70% less water than traditional cleaning methods and does not require chemical additives, according to Tennant.

Tennant Co.

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