Terrain-Proof Radio Communications

Terrain-Proof Radio Communications

Banner Engineering Corp.’s SureCross MultiHop radios with I/O connect to existing plant-wide control systems to communicate with input and output devices. The MultiHop radios are suitable for remote applications such as lift station control and other areas where line of sight is not possible due to difficult terrain.

MultiHop Radios with I/O are designed to extend the range of an existing wired network and to expand the reach of process control without the need for lengthy cable runs.

SureCross MultiHop wireless sensor networks typically consist of one master radio, but may include many repeater and slave radios. The operational modes are selected by the customer via integrated DIP switches, simplifying the specification process. MultiHop radios automatically form self-healing, auto-routing radio networks with multiple hops to extend the range of a Modbus or other serial communication network. In the event a communication pathway becomes unavailable, the radios will find a route back to the network master without intervention from operators.

SureCross MultiHop radios transmit at 1 watt with license-free operation in the Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) band and are available in the 2.4 GHz bandwidth to meet worldwide radio compliance restrictions.

Banner Engineering

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