TGW-Ermanco AS/RS Crane

TGW-Ermanco AS/RS Crane

TGW-Ermanco has released the Mustang Evo, the next generation of its Mustang single-mast automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).

The Mustang Evo has a maximum payload of 220 lbs and an optimum height of 39 ft. It uses aircraft construction concepts, reducing its overall weight by about 25%. Much of this comes from a new mast construction design, where specially rolled profiles, consistently adapted material thickness and high-strength bolted connections make the mast three times stiffer yet lighter than the Mustang.

The chassis, chassis frame, and lifting unit were reinforced and re-engineered using this weight-optimized design. Further enhancements in the Mustang Evo come from improvements to the crane’s center of gravity, better distribution of loads to the running wheels, and the elimination of drive motors at the top of the machine.


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