Thai Airways Blames Warehouse for Bullets Sent to U.S. Embassy in Cambodia

Thai Airways denied mislabelling a shipment of 140,000 bullets accidently sent to the U.S. embassy in Cambodia, Agence France Presse reported. The embassy in Phnom Penh received the bullets earlier this month instead of artwork that it had ordered to decorate offices. Officials blamed the mistake on a labelling mix-up by Thai Airways. The airline denied the claim and said a transport company at the Newark airport in the United States made the error.

"Thai conducted an immediate investigation and found that the issue occurred at origin where the warehouse handling in Newark airport... had mislabeled the artwork shipment," said in company statement. The airline added the bullets contained no hazardous material and are used for hunting and sport. The U.S. embassy, which immediately returned the package to Cambodian Customs, said the bullets were headed for Finland.

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