Tharo Systems Label Printer

Tharo Systems Label Printer

The PA2000t features a small footprint; 16.5 inches wide x 30 inches long for the Tharo H-400 Series or 19.5 inches wide x 30 inches long for the Tharo H-600 Series.

The new label printer features a remote front panel and all-metal cabinet. Tharo Systems claims the heavy-duty cylinder will withstand high stress in side labeling, with minimal deflection, when using a conveyor. With or without a computer attached, the PA2000t is automatic or semi-automatic; has the ability to apply labels from 2 inches x 1inch to 4.5 inches x 8 inches in size. Using the 6-inch wide printer, labels as large as 6 inches x 8 inches can be accommodated. The PA2000t can apply up to 58 labels per minute.

Tharo Systems

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