Thermal Printers

Vernon Hills, Ill. — Zebra Technologies, a global leader in specialty printing and automatic identification solutions, today announced that it has expanded its line of XML-enabled thermal printers, helping customers save valuable time and money. Now XML-enabled, direct-connect printing capabilities will be available for Zebra’s 105SL, S4M and Z Series printers.

Enabling firmware with Zebra’s patent pending XML technologies allows additional Zebra printers to join Zebra’s QL Plus, RW series, and Xi series printers and PAX4 OEM print engines in allowing XML output to be sent directly from a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system—such as offered by SAP, Oracle and Microsoft—to the Zebra printer. With built-in XML support, Zebra thermal printers can accept and analyze incoming data streams, and then print labels at the point of need without added middleware or additional print server hardware.

With XML-enabled printing, companies can streamline employee workflow and drive cost savings by eliminating the costs of middleware, licensing, print server hardware, and administration and programming of additional software. This improved capability frees customers from proprietary printer language and the need for additional software.

Customers using firmware without XML capabilities can receive a free XML download by visiting .

For more information about Zebra’s line of XML-enabled high performance printers, please visit

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