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Thern Davit Crane

Thern Davit Crane

Thern says its portable davit crane helps manufacturers become more efficient while conducting maintenance and repair operations.

The load-handling solution is used throughout manufacturing facilities to lift and position manufacturing dies, raw materials, and equipment, says the company. The crane is also used to raise and lower motors, blowers, AC equipment or submersible pumps during maintenance or replacement of these items.

Featuring solid steel, lightweight construction, 360-degree rotation and an adjustable boom, the crane can lift and position 2,000-pound loads. Users can quickly and easily move davits between workstations, allowing one crane to do the work of multiple units. The boom adjusts for height and reach, maximizing an operator’s workspace, according to Thern.

The davit crane is available with manual and electric winch units and in pedestal, flush and wall-mount base options.

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