A Thousand Ergonomics Solution Vendors

Ann Arbor, MICH, Humantech, Inc., a leading ergonomics consulting firm, recently launched an upgraded version of, Vendorweb, an on-line resource to help companies locate vendors for ergonomic equipment and solutions. Humantech's web site, www.humantech.com, hosts this free ergonomics resource center. With web links to over1,000 vendors representing over 250 different types of ergonomic equipment, Vendorweb addresses categories including office, laboratory, workstations, manual material handling, and hand tools.

Vendorweb organizes information in a user-friendly manner that allows visitors to browse categorized equipment and solutions for specific ergonomics challenge. Equipment selection considerations are provided with vendors listed for every product type, facilitating comparison shopping.

Unlike other equipment guides, Humantech does not accept payment or sponsorship for vendor participation, therefore visitors will have access to multiple vendors for their ergonomic challenges.

"Vendorweb is an unique resource for the health and safety community. It offers the entire ergonomics industry the opportunity to share resources, with just a few clicks of a mouse," says Humantech president, Jim Good. Vendorweb is updated weekly with new ergonomic solutions. Jim Good adds, "We encourage other ergonomic sites to link to Vendorweb." The site's direct link is http://www.humantech.com/vendorweb/vwframes.html

Since 1979, Humantech ergonomists have guided organizations to ergonomics success through workplace assessments, engineering and design services, ergonomics training, and management systems. For more information about Humantech or Vendorweb, please call 734-663-6707 or visit www.humantech.com.

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