Three Distributors Earn WERC Certification

Nexus Distribution, OHL, and Scholastic National Service Organization are the latest organizations to have WERC-certified facilities. Seventeen facilities in all have earned such certification from the Warehousing Education and Research Council’s (WERC). This best-practice certification program was rolled out 12 months ago.

Nexus Distribution’s facility in Bedford Park, Ill., is a 3PL for Wausau Paper. In preparation for a 2012 WMS rollout with this client, Nexus validated 114 processes and with the gap analysis in the final report, ensured no gaps were present before making such an investment.

3PL provider OHL collaborated with its client (Starbucks) to ensure their LaVergne, Tenn., warehouse met the program’s standard and validated both client and vendor commitments to industry best practices.

Scholastic Inc., known for its educational materials, children’s books, school book clubs and book fairs, is using certification to support its recent and ongoing Six-Sigma process-improvement initiatives in its Jefferson City, Mo., warehouse.

WERC’s Facility Certification is a voluntary program that requires each company to undergo an independent audit of 114 processes in eight core areas of warehouse operations. Only facilities that achieve a minimum score are certified and recognized by WERC.

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