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Safe, Easy and Efficient Self Adjusting Tilt Carts

Sturtevant, WI -May 10, 2006 - Innovation strikes again at Topper Industrial with the introduction of a self-adjusting tilt speed control system available on all Topper Industrial tilt carts. The speed control has a metering valve and flow control assembly to provide the impassive performance. It no longer matters if the load being tilted is a few hundred pounds or a couple thousand pounds, the load will tilt at the same speed regardless of the center of gravity. Topper Industrial is the only material handling equipment manufacturer to offer this patent pending feature on their carts.

Users can tilt a nearly full container as effortlessly as they can an empty container. The self adjusting valve eliminates the need to manually adjust based on load weight and eliminates all risk of accident because of an improper adjustment. The self adjusting valve lets manufacturers use the versatile Topper tilt carts throughout the plant without having to manually adjust the valve for a specific application.

Topper Industrial is a leading material handling equipment manufacturer with an emphasis on fork truck free environments. Topper Industrial products are widely used within the assembly industry and are changing the way material is moved within a plant. Topper Industrial designs custom solutions for a variety of manufacturing customers.

Jim Klenke
Topper Industrial
[email protected]

Company Information:
Name: Topper Industrial
Address: 1729 E. Frontage Rd.
City: Sturtevant
State: WI
ZIP: 53177
Country: USA
Phone: 800-529-0909
FAX: 262-886-9569

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