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Timely Hazard Warnings

Timely Hazard Warnings

Pfannenberg’s PATROL Series PA X 5 105-dB industrial flashing sounders notify individuals of hazardous situations or production problems in factories and other industrial facilities. Applications include: evacuation signals in the event of fire, toxic gas leak, or chemical spill; promoting safety around dangerous machinery by warning personnel and bystanders of impending startup or movement; improving product quality and minimizing waste by warning operators of functional problems with machinery; and alerting production technicians of process upsets due to out-of-tolerance manufacturing conditions. The units are designed as integrated flashing sounders, rather than combining a sounder with a bolted-on flashing light. Users can choose from a wide selection of acoustic tones which are electronically self-generated. Since there are no moving parts, the device’s reliability is enhanced for critical applications.

The Pfannenberg Group

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