Tine-Guide Laser

Tine-Guide Laser

HAZELHURST, Ga.—U.S. Lasers Inc. has introduced its new Tine-Guide for use on lift trucks. The Tine-Guide is a nearly indestructible device consisting of an electronically controlled laser diode that projects a red laser dot or line exactly where the fork tips will touch the pallet or materials.

The laser is mounted horizontally and can be adjusted vertically, giving the operator a visual guide for placement of the tines. When the laser dot or line hits the opening, it disappears, indicating that the forks are correctly aligned with the pallets.

To conserve energy, a vibration circuit shuts off the Tine-Guide when it’s not in use. A six-volt, nickel-metal hydrid, rechargeable battery powers the unit for approximately 40 hours and complies with a company’s green initiatives. The ultra-bright, 635-nm laser can be used both indoors and outdoors.
As a self-contained unit with a durable aluminum and steel housing, the Tine-Guide easily attaches to a lift truck carriage in less than five minutes. Four different classes of the product are available to fit a wide range of lift trucks.

The Tine-Guide helps companies save money by increasing employee productivity. It also enhances lift truck safety in the workplace, reduces product damage and improves operator efficiency. The unit, which can be used as an educational tool for new operators, comes with a one-year, limited warranty on labor and equipment, excluding the battery.

US Lasers Inc.
1 Laser Lane
Hazelhurst GA. 31539
912/379-9000 (phone)
912/375-9555 (fax)

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