TNT Logistics Expands Manufacturing Support Services With Eaton Corp.

TNT Logistics North America (Jacksonville, Fla.), a provider of logistics services, expanded the warehousing footprint it provides to Eaton Corporation at its facility in Indianapolis. The Eaton Logistics Center (ELC) provides aftermarket parts distribution, kitting, subassembly, sequencing and plant metering for Eaton.

The ELC opened in 2002 when Eaton first collaborated with TNT on a network redesign that would centralize supply chain activities into a singular logistics environment. The ELC has helped Eaton to streamline its supply chain for greater flexibility in the cyclical truck manufacturing industry where it competes.

TNT’s expansion with Eaton includes the addition of 100,000 square feet to the 140,000 sq.-ft. center. This expansion will reportedly enable TNT to process greater throughput as Eaton grows by providing parts and components to the truck production market in North America. TNT Logistics employs 36,000 people in 28 countries, managing more than 79 million square feet of warehouse space. For 2005, TNT Logistics reported sales of $4.2 billion.

Source: TNT Logistics.

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