TNT Logistics Provides Hurricane Support

TNT Logistics North America and its employees have rallied their resources in support of customers who are heavily involved in Hurricane Charley relief efforts. Hurricane Charley, a category 4 storm, reached landfall in Southwest Florida on Friday, August 13, with winds in excess of 140 mph. Damage estimates from the storm could exceed $20 billion.

In Florida, TNT Logistics provides supply chain support services for Home Depot and Florida Power & Light, two companies that began preparing for the hurricane when it was still just a tropical depression. On a routine basis for Home Depot, TNT Logistics provides last-mile delivery of home improvement products destined for homes and construction sites in Florida. However, when the storm began to pose a threat to the Sunshine State, TNT Logistics began diverting its drivers and trucks based in Cape Coral, Lake Worth and Hollywood. These employees started handling deliveries of plywood, nails, other building material and power generators from other Home Depot stores throughout Florida. Some of these loads originated as far away as Ohio.

In the aftermath of the hurricane, deliveries of this nature are still under way, but the majority of the emphasis has shifted to South and Central Florida, where the principal storm damage was felt. TNT Logistics has handled 73 truckloads of this high-priority material.

For Florida Power & Light, on a normal basis TNT Logistics manages the inside delivery process for power plants, job sites and storerooms within FPL’s territory. This service was more important as the utility reacted to the immediate need of restoring electric power and service to residents in Florida who were affected by the storm. TNT Logistics has accelerated its process of replenishing supplies for FPL plants, job sites and storerooms as routine stock has been quickly exhausted and the need for back-up supplies is required now within hours, not days. Over the past week, more than 80 truckloads of these supplies have been dispatched and this will continue until all residential and commercial power is restored.

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