Today Is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Back by 'pop'ular demand, Sealed Air Corporation (Saddle Brook, N.J.), the inventor of Bubble Wrap cushioning, today announced the celebration of the 6th Annual Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day with the first ever "Bubble Games" in New York City. There are also a variety of Web-based games and quizzes at Since its invention in 1960, Bubble Wrap cushioning has become one of the best-recognized brands by people of all ages, particularly children. The "Bubble Games" are a big hit for schoolchildren, who celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day with races and competitions.

"The Bubble Wrap brand has become an enduring symbol of packaging quality and innovation around the world," said William V. Hickey, Sealed Air president and CEO. "We at Sealed Air are proud to celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and all the creative ways people use our product, including the fun-filled races at this year's 'Bubble Games.'"

Bubble Wrap cushioning was originally intended to be a type of textured wallpaper, but the inventors quickly realized that it was in fact a superior packaging material. Today, Bubble Wrap cushioning appears everywhere from mailrooms and kindergarten classes, to the "Humble Masterpieces" exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art. From its original production on steam-powered machines in the 1960's, to today's co-extruded high barrier version, Bubble Wrap cushioning has changed with the times, but has always kept its unique texture and universal appeal through the sound of its pop.

For more information, and to participate in the games, visit

Source: Sealed Air Corporation

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