Tongue-operated safety interlock switches

FREMONT, CA – Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces two new universal tongue-operated safety interlock switches. Just 25mm (0.98 in.) wide x 82mm (3.23 in.) long, the T2008 tongue-operated safety interlock switch is designed to provide a minimum of one million actuations in severely space restricted applications, and can be installed on one inch square tubing. 1 N/O and 1 N/C, or 2 N/C, contact configurations are available to satisfy Dual Channel Safety Monitoring requirements.

The new T2011 universal tongue-operated safety interlock switch is just slightly longer at 25mm (0.98 in.) wide and 113mm (3.44 in.) long, but includes 2 N/C and 1 N/O, or 3 N/C contact configurations to support Dual Channel Safety Monitoring and Status Monitoring. It is small, yet extremely versatile with a glass-filled thermoplastic housing allowing the T2011 to be used in most applications while providing a minimum of two million actuations.

Both switches feature a NEMA6/IP67 enclosure to ensure rugged, reliable operation in water washdown environments, as well as a rotatable head that provides eight possible actuator entry points for versatile installation and use. An optional yellow slide bolt with integral handle and metal construction helps facilitate quick installation, easy recognition and long life on machine guards in the most demanding applications. An optional stainless steel alignment guide aids actuator entry.

Omron Scientific Technologies Inc., 6550 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont, CA 94555; 1-800-479-3658; (510) 608-3400; fax: (510) 744-1442; E-mail: [email protected]; Web site:

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