Toyota features AC motors for drive and lift

The 7-Series from Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. Inc. features AC motors for both drive and lift. When compared to the same-size DC units, these AC motors provide faster top speeds with quicker acceleration. The AC power system recovers energy when the truck is coasting and the accelerator is released, when the brake pedal is depressed and when the directional lever is shifted.

The 7-series 3-wheel electric lift trucks employ three motors instead of four. One AC motor controls steering and hydraulics, while the other two control drive functions. Operators control technology from a programmable digital display keypad -- including all mast and auxiliary functions and attachments.

When sensors monitoring load weight and height detect forward tilt nearing danger, the tilting angle is reduced. In addition, by pressing a button, forks can be automatically leveled, parallel to the floor, aiding in pallet placement.

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