Toyota Introduces 8-Series Lift Truck

Toyota Introduces 8-Series Lift Truck

Toyota Material Handling USA (TMHU, Irvine, Calif.) unveiled its 8-Series lift trucks to the press today. The 3,000 and 6,500 lb. internal combustion cushion and pneumatic tire models, which exceed 2007 federal EPA emission standards, will begin shipping from the company's Columbus, Ind., factory on January 2, 2007.

Toyota's 4Y engine now features a closed-loop fuel system that automatically optimizes the air-fuel mixture. The system works in conjunction with a three-way catalytic muffler to minimize emissions. As a result, the company reports, the 8-Series gasoline, LPG and CNG models will produce 70% less smog-forming emissions than the 2007 federal EPA limits. The machines also meet the more stringent 2010 California Air Resource Board emission standards.

In addition the 8-Series features a redesigned chassis and a durable engine hood and stamped steel side panels that improve the new models’ ability to stand up to harsh working environments. The 8-Series also has a unique electrical system with weatherproof connectors that isolates critical controls from pressure washing and an improved cooling system improves airflow through the radiator and counterweight to reduce overheating.

Other enhancements include a drive-train protection option that only allows directional switches at less than full speed, an optional wet brake system for long life, improved visibility, better operator ergonomics as well as a number of design features designed to reduce maintenance requirements.

Source: Toyota Material Handling U.S.A.

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