Toyota Offers Free CARB Evaluation

HAYWARD, CA—A free lift truck evaluation from Toyota Material Handling helps gauge compliance with the new California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations.

The new standards are part of a series of government commitments to reduce pollutant emissions and help meet health-based air quality standards. They apply to any business in California with four or more gasoline or propane fueled spark-ignition engines including lift trucks, and industrial floor cleaning equipment (sweepers and scrubbers). Companies with equipment found to be out of compliance can be fined a maximum of $500 per machine, per day, retroactive to January 1, 2009, when the first fleet average standards became effective.

The free evaluation being offered by Toyota Material Handling includes: a baseline fleet inventory (spreadsheet) with all required data, model and serial numbers and so forth; current emission standards for or default admission rate for each LSI piece of equipment; recommendations for retrofit and or replacement of non-compliant equipment and the cost; and overall strategy to ensure compliance now and in current and future compliance.

“Toyota Material Handling understands the complexity of compliance and is happy to offer a free fleet evaluation and recommendations. “This will allow business owners to avoid penalties during a time when every penny counts,” says Mark Gates, Toyota Material Handling product support manager. To schedule an analysis contact a product support representative at (800) 527-3746.

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